Hoot: Volume 13 (wine o’clock)

My kids say some pretty hilarious things.  I’ve been told that I used to say hilarious things once, but my parents didn’t write it down and cannot remember even one witty anecdote.  Inspired by YHL’s Clara Conversations, I wanted to share some isms as I collect a critical mass.

6.20_HOOT (2)

Me:  (pointing at something on the back of my neck)  Is this red?
Henry:  Yes.
Me:  I should probably pick at it, right?
Henry:  Yeah.
Mac:  Don’t pick at it!
Me:  Yeah, that’s what your Dad would say.
Mac:  Cut it off with the scissors!

Me:  Do you guys want to go on a trip with your friends this weekend?
Henry:  Yeah!
Me:  You know the girls, but I don’t know if you’ve hung out with their parents as much.
Henry:  Yeah, I don’t know Tony’s backstory.
All superheroes up in here.  All the time.

Henry:  (reading his bedtime National Geographic.  As one does.)  That man is on a boat, he’s in a wampa cave.
OK, sometimes Star Wars.

Henry:  That’s wine, right?!?  It’s for old kids!

And not to be outdone  . . .

Mac:  (swirling his juice around in his glass)  It’s vino!

Psst.  Want more hilarity?  Check it out here.

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