Two Month Ta Da list

So we are closing in on two months in our new home.  We’re starting to feel settled.  It’s a work in progress, but it feels good.  Even if the kids do still ask when we are going back to Rome.

The other day I mentioned Gretchen Rubin’s Ta Da list.  The idea being that instead of focusing on the never ending To Dos, to reflect on everything you have accomplished.  Ta Da!

Especially because I worry we are never doing enough or trying enough, I thought it would be fun to look back on everything we HAVE done.

Local Tourist

Malls Visited

  • Pavilion
  • Great Eastern
  • Ampang Point
  • My Town

Restaurants Tried

Trips Taken

Trips Booked

  • Upcoming weekend to Melaka/Malacca
  • Fall break to Siem Reap, Cambodia

On the home front

  • Received all of our stuff.  Unpacked most of it.
  • Gotten pictures hung up (the Embassy helps on this here.  Nice right?)
  • Ordered wall decals and hung some of them
  • Tried grocery delivery from Happy Fresh
  • Gotten meat delivery from Blue Cow Butcher
  • Enjoyed many meals delivered by Food Panda
  • Been to play dates at four kids’ homes
  • Attended one birthday party

On the school front

  • Gotten the boys settled in a new school (well, ongoing process)
  • Attended Parade Day celebration
  • Attended parent-teacher conferences
  • Attended one Parent Association meeting

On the fitness front

  • Attended 3 Crossfit style classes at the Embassy.  Purchased a class package.
  • Toured gym for CrossFit GTX
  • Attended a water zumba class
  • Attended an acro yoga class at Our Body Space.  Purchased a one month unlimited class package to see which classes I like best.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  I’m sure I’m forgetting some things.  It is nice to look back and see that we’ve done things.  Although I’m sitting here thinking that maybe we should have done more which is completely NOT the point of this exercise, but I’m a crazy person so there you go.

(For pics of more of this, check out my Instagram.)

Happy weekend everyone!

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