Christmas in the tropics

Hi friends.   I haven’t done this in awhile so I just wanted to catch up on everything that has been happening.  Brain dump commencing.

The Christmas season has been interesting so far.  There are plenty of holiday decorations around.  If you go to a mall, there is some sort of massive display and almost every store has a tree or wreaths or something.

We’ve been doing the usual holiday things.  We did a cookie exchange.  Parties are happening.  The kids have a school holiday program next week.  I’ve been enjoying holiday bazaars like the French Le Marche do Noel.

We visited a new church last week.  The Anglican church of Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang.  It was definitely different than anything we’ve experienced before.  Picture a video screen and rock band.  The people were incredibly warm and thoughtful and the kids enjoyed the children’s church program.  They have a lot of fun things happening during Advent so we’ll probably visit again.

I’m patting myself on the back because I’ve basically finished my shopping.  I’ve been doing the family calendar for the past few years, and I managed to get ‘er done during Shutterfly’s 50% off sale.  AND we got our Christmas cards in during then as well.  I’ve grumbled at times because making all the different calendars can seem a bit overwhelming, but really how wonderful it is to have all gifts done at once.  Also, it is pretty fun to look back over all the photos for the year.  I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out this year.  I hope everyone likes them too!

BUT I kind of keep forgetting about Christmas because of the weather.  The weather is exactly the same as every other day.  We’re still hitting the pool.  We still get sunlight until 7:00 pm.  I’m quite enjoying the continued warm weather.  Does it feel like Christmas?  Not really.  But I’m not complaining.  In some ways this has helped us not feel homesick during the holidays.  You know, since it doesn’t quite feel like the holidays.

The kids will be out of school for three weeks for the holidays.  I’m excited that James will be able to take some time off too.  We’ll be hitting Singapore and Chiang Mai.  I’m pumped.

Soon I want to get the big trips lined up for all of next year, with a general plan of the year after that as well.  I’ve been meaning to do a travel wish list to ask all of you for suggestions, but the list has been vague.  I have more reading to do, but it is starting to coalesce.  Hopefully I’ll get that post together soon, but I’d love to hear any travel recommendations in the meantime!

I’ve started to settle into a workout routine.  Ideally, I’d do two yoga classes a week (I’ve been hitting Our Body Space) and two of the Crossfit style classes at the Embassy each week.  But schedules will be disrupted with teachers’ and our vacations coming up.  Also, the yoga/pilates studio is offering a special on unlimited packages.  Financially it makes sense, but I’m hesitant to do it.  I tend to view unlimited as a challenge.

For my Mom, I hopped on the Erg the other day.  (I would say rower, but James keeps heckling me to say Erg.)  I was doing some sprints and realized I hit 1:56.  (I forget exactly, but I think this is your pace to hit 500 m.)  This summer, I fought and clawed my way to get under 2:00, and I just couldn’t do it.  Maybe the machine is different (although I had the settings the same), but maybe I’m getting stronger?  Hope your training is going well!

So that’s what’s up with us.  Just checking in.  How are you doing?  Enjoying the holiday season so far?

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