Podcast Homework

So I still like podcasts.  (These are what I mostly listen to.)  But sometimes they start to feel a little like homework.  You know, that thing where the podcasters mention oodles of resources and I feel like I have to go look it up or write it down.  This is my “homework” from a recent bout of episodes.

YoungHouseLove Has a Podcast episode 94 is digging photographs from @kmsalvagedesign.  I’ve started following because her work is fascinating.  Also, I’m a little late for this to be useful to you as a Mother’s Day gift suggestion, but she sells prints on her website which could definitely be fun other gifts.

On episode 106 of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sara are talking Smart Tech and Family Travel.  Sara recommends Toca Boca apps and Sago Mini apps as some of their favorites for kids.  You better believe I’ll be looking for some strategic downloads for our flight to the States this summer.  Also, I’m definitely getting the five way headphone splitter they mention.  We have a two way splitter, but it’s always misplaced.  A splitter always comes in handy more than I expect.

On episode 51 of Happier in Hollywood, Liz and Sarah interview co-owner of Inform Fitness Toluca Lake, Sheila Melody.  Melody has a great attitude and is fun to listen to, but I was particularly intrigued to hear more about Inform Fitness, a program long touted by Gretchen Rubin where you supposedly get great results doing weight training for just 20 minutes once a week.  I’ve ordered the Power of Ten book she mentioned, and I’m excited to learn more.

On Best of Both Worlds episode 38, Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart Unger interview Meredith Monday Schwartz on managing a flexible workforce.  Schwartz runs Here Comes the Guide which sounds like a pretty fascinating place to work.  (They have transitioned from having a physical workspace to all working remotely.)  I was particularly intrigued when Schwartz mentioned some software they used called Sococo.  This program allows everyone to “see” who is in their office and to easily message or video with them, just like you are popping into their office.  They weren’t sure how much they would use the program, but Schwartz says her team really loves it.  It makes working from home less lonely and the team feels more connected.

On Best of Both Worlds episode 39, Laura talks about tracking time and a little on her forthcoming book.  I haven’t followed Laura as much lately, but I’m a 168 Hours devotee so I’ll probably end up checking it out.

On Mind Pump episode 752, the guys interview Kristen Ulmer, author of The Art of Fear.  As a former extreme EXTREME skier, she has some really interesting perspectives that I found fascinating as I work on my own anxietyUlmer’s website also has some free resources that look interesting.  That’s it for now.  Maybe this will turn into a regular segment.  I really do have a lot of homework.

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