To market, to market

I heart Christkindlmarkts.  And Munich had some great ones.  We talked about what we ate already, but let’s take a look at the markets themselves.

The heart of the market was at Marienplatz.  You recognize it from its famous Glockenspiel.  The market covered the whole square.12.23_market 2

12.23_market 6

12.23_market 5 12.23_market 4

It radiated out from Marienplatz down three separate streets.

12.23_market 3

And had little side bits near Marienplatz.


There was another market Sendlinger Tor, complete with carousel.

12.23_market 9

There was also a separate Medieval Market.

12.23_market 12 12.23_market 14 12.23_market 13

As well as a market in the courtyard of the Residenz.

12.23_market 15

What does one do a Christmas market?  Mostly just wander around.  Eating.  Drinking.  Most of the shops–that aren’t selling food–peddle various tchotchkes.  Christmas ornaments.  Delicate wooden candle wraps.  Knit hats and slippers.  Toys.  The markets were crowded, sometimes uncomfortably so.  But wandering around, breathing the chilly air, a warm drink in hand, soaking in the sights.  It just feels festive.

For an alternative market experience, you can also head out to Tollwood at Theresienwiese, the grounds for Oktoberfest.  This felt sort of like if Asheville or Portland had a Christmas market.  Younger.  Both hipper and hippy.

12.23_market 7

We enjoyed live music and beer inside this tent.  Henry danced as if no one was watching, which pretty much ensured that plenty of people were watching him.

12.23_market 8

Ah, markets.  I’m already thinking about which city to hit next holiday season.

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