Hoot: Volume 19 (Radiation Pizza)

My kids say some pretty hilarious things.  I’ve been told that I used to say hilarious things once, but my parents didn’t write it down and cannot remember even one witty anecdote.  Inspired by YHL’s Clara Conversations, I wanted to share some isms as I collect a critical mass.

6.20_HOOT (2)

Henry: Look, now it’s radiation.
Hmm . . .

(Walking into public bathroom in Thailand)
James: Are you tall enough for the urinal?
Henry: Yeah, it’s every man for himself!

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Henry: An adult. Just like you guys.
Fair enough.

Henry: (Putting on socks and shoes) No, my socks aren’t ripe!
Pretty sure he meant right.  But also hopefully ripe.

Me: (Driving the kids to school which is usually a James thing) What do you guys talk about with Daddy on the way to school? Do you chat? Do you sing songs?
Henry: No, Daddy pays attention to driving.

Henry: That’s Yuri. She was going to marry me.
Me: Was going to? What happened?
Henry: Well, when we grow up, Mom. She’s ONLY 4.
Says the wise 5 year old.

Psst.  Want more hilarity?  Check it out here.

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