Henry is 2!

Henry turned 2 recently!  Last weekend we had a chill get-together with our neighbors at the local playground.  I was really touched that people came.  This place definitely has a sort of summer camp fast bonding feel.  “Hi, we just met but let me get your digits and by the way would you like to come to my son’s birthday party tomorrow?”



Mac hung out

I think he had a pretty good birthday.  Look at this guy.


What a difference a year makes.


We started off the day with some green eggs.  Dr. Suess is in pretty heavy rotation around here.  As James said, “those eggs are really green.”  Let’s just say the food coloring came out fast . . .

green eggs

Technically, we started off with me jumping around (as much as possible while holding Mac) playing the Beatles’ birthday song.  I like to provide a birthday wake up with this song.  Traditions!

We played outside.  Henry got to watch all of Disney’s animated Robin Hood.  After pizza dinner, presents and cake!

Henry was pretty pumped about his new Gamecock hat.


And his Peppa pig books.


Any many other thoughtful presents not pictured.  Cake was also a hit.



Henry – you are a pretty terrific guy.  You have your moments–like when others touch your swing . . . or your toy . . . or your ball–but hey, you’re two, it happens.  You are so active.  If you aren’t “mas running,” you are climbing on Tommy Train, falling (for fun), or doing who only knows what.  We have said “what are you doing” so often to you that you now usually say “whatchoo doing” as you are spazzing out.

You love your books.  Frequently the same one read over and over.  You have turned into quite the talker.  I feel like we kind of have conversations.  Your most frequently said word seems to be “moto,” followed by “TV,” which is weird because you watch very little of it.  I do know almost all the words of “Let it Go” thanks to you.

You are down to one afternoon nap each day.  You can’t quite quit the chup, but you know it is just for sleeping.  You still seem to enjoy the eggs we eat for breakfast every day, any junk food–particularly potato chips, and strangely still zucchini.

You are really hilarious.  You make hilarious faces.  You say hilarious things.  Thanks for being my little buddy on this adventure.

Love, Mom


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