My Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Outfit 2

So this outfit was all about feeling flowy.  Flowy pants.  Flowy top.  Basically like wearing my pajamas out of the house.  Because whether on a trip or not, sometimes we all just need that, amiright?

I knew this would be one of the warmer days on the trip so I decided to bust out my new sandals.

That’s right.  I wore brand new sandals on a trip.  Super smart, right?

I felt more confident on these because I have this exact same pair of Gizeh Birkenstocks that I’ve loved for two years now.  These have the soft footbed, but should be totally the same otherwise.

Are they?  Well, the footbed is insanely comfy.  They felt great for all day walking.  Apparently, I need to break in the uppers though.  I got weird digging in on certain spots on my feet.  Maybe I need to adjust the buckle.

Also, it seemed like ALL my kids did was step on my feet all day long.  Like comically bad.  There have been other times in my life when I have worn sandals and had kids.  I do not ever remember it being like this.

I wore this outfit to take the metro to the cable car up Montjuic.  Fantastic views up there.  Unfortunately, many of the cafes we had counted on in the park were closed, but we eventually grabbed a snack in front of Palau Nacional.  We then saw CaixaForum, had a super mediocre meal in the Arenas de Barcelona, and went on a nice ramble down the Ramblas where we finished the day with oysters and cava at the Boqueria market.  Always a good decision.

Overall, the outfit held up well.  I felt like I had the right amount of layers.  Other than some foot soreness at the end of the day, all was well.

See Outfit 1 here and everything I packed.

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