My Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Outfit 3

Remember how I said I was impressed with how many photos Henry took?  For this day, he only took 5 and most of them were blurry.  Remind me to dock his pay.

This outfit I wore on the train to Figueres to visit the Salvador Dali Museum.  Train ride was less than an hour.  Not as cheap as it could have been because we took the fast train and didn’t book in advance.

Really enjoyed the museum, but, man, was it CROWDED.  I was somewhat worried on ticket availability because if you try to book in advance, the website only shows eight tickets available for the first time slot of the day.  But I didn’t need to have stressed, because it seems like the policy is to let everyone in.  Strollers not allowed, but I wouldn’t have wanted one anyway.  Frequent stairs.

And then we had lunch at the Jamon Experience (excellent) where I asked Henry to take pictures of the jamon and he took about 50 bazillion.  Go figure.

I was torn on these pants.  On the one hand, I tend to avoid them on travel days because they have no stretch whatsoever.  On the other hand, I like to wear them earlier in trips.  You know, because they have no stretch whatsoever.   Never know how many churros I’ll need to sample on a trip.

This shirt is quickly becoming a closet all star.  (You’ll see many more outfits with it coming up.)  Remember several years ago when ALL the fashion bloggers started wearing chambray shirts?  I did my usual pattern.  At first, I gave side eye.  Then I carefully considered the trend for a few years and it seriously grew on me.  Finally, I purchased.  I loved my chambray shirt, BUT WRINKLES.  I refuse to iron, and the shirt really needed it so it just wasn’t getting any wear.

After I realized that my chambray shirt contains linen (so, duh, wrinkles) AND that I would definitely use such a shirt in my closet, I found a denim number sans linen.  It would probably still look cuter after being ironed, but it looks OK after being pulled fresh out of the dryer.  (Or not.)  And less wrinkling makes it a win for travel.

In case you’ve missed anything capsule, here are my pieces, Outfit 1, and Outfit 2.  Happy weekend, y’all.

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