My Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Outfit 5

This was the day that got rainy AND cold.  I really tried not to be a downer, but I was also feeling a little under the weather.  But it was like the strikes just kept adding up.  Like baseball strike outs.  Not bowling strikes.  That would be awesome.  TURKEY!  Nom nom nom.

Since you’ve been following along even closer than you’ve been tracking the latest season of Brooklyn 99 (w00t!), I’m sure you noticed that this outfit is basically a repeat of Outfit 3.  But then I just threw all my clothes on top.  It was like Joey in Friends.  You hide my clothes, I’ll show you yours.

Or something like that.  I don’t know.  Apparently I am punchy today.

Much confuse

On this rainy day, we did the Palau de la Musica Catalana.  Incredible architecture.  WAY too many people in there.  It’s like they all wanted to escape the rain.

And I’m realizing I messed up my days.  On the previous day, we stopped for an afternoon snack at BlackLab Brewhouse and then did the Aquarium.  This day, I was OVER it and we did a nap, saw La Pedrera and did a late snack at Garage Beer Company.  Whoops.

But I was glad for the nap.  By the time we got up, the sun had peeked out and getting fresh air and seeing Gaudi’s Pedrera was just the ticket.  Definitely recommend the priority tickets for La Pedrera.  It was great being able to walk up whenever we wanted and cut the line instead of having a specific time booked.

Also, remember how I already went on and on about my Columbia rain jacket?  I really do love it.  See how billowy that mess is above?  (Which I do love.  My fave silhouette is big on top and tight on the bottom.)  See how it cinches it all in if I want it to?  You’d never guess all my layers underneath.  Crazy.

Even though I am a minimalist who keeps chucking her children’s artwork (when they make any), I also love that jacket because I keep some of their treasures in my pocket.  Small ones, natch.  I have a coin, a seashell, and a button in there.  Just things they’ve handed me.  I’ll have to rethink if there get to be too many, but it makes me smile every time I stick my hand in my pocket.  OK, that sounds bad.  But you KNOW what I mean.  Goodness.

Want more capsule?  See what I packed, Outfit 1, Outfit 2, Outfit 3, and Outfit 4.

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