My Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Outfit 6 (LAST ONE)

Last one!  We actually had another day on our trip, but I straight up repeated my travel outfit.  No need to rehash that again.  We won’t.  We shan’t.  Moving on.

I probably forced the Birkenstocks with this outfit.  I really wanted it to be warm again.  I wanted to wear them again.  I wanted to give my other shoes a break.  But it was still a leetle bit too cold.  Live and learn.

Henry’s favorite is shooting on the diagonal. I don’t know why.  Arty.

On this day, we headed back to the Boqueria Market.  We got stupid good eggs with seafood at Quim de la Boqueria and then basically whatever we wanted.  We wandered our way back to the Cathedral and did obligatory rooftop stuff.  We grabbed churros at Xurreria Laietana.  Then we had stupid good tapas at O’Retorno for dinner where we ordered way too much because I wanted to try everything.  I wish we’d been eating there every night.  Highly recommend.

(For day 7, we had an evening flight and just hung out at Parco Guell for most of the day.  After some breakfast at Taperia Ordesa.  I wanted to pack in some beach time, but it was so darn windy and we decided to go for relaxed over packed.)

All in all, Barcelona was a great trip.  I wish we’d figured it out to do Barcelona and Madrid together, but a lot of stuff just sort of happened so it didn’t seem best.  (Originally we wanted to do a big ole trip with Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Gibraltar, and Sevilla.  Next time, Gadget.)  You could do it in fewer days, but we had plenty to do for our week here and we could have done much more.

So thumbs up to Barcelona and my travel capsule wardrobe.  I may do one more roundup on this and maybe talk accessories, but maybe not.  You know I like to underpromise and overdeliver around here.  Especially because we leave here in two weeks and I am a hot mess.  AHHHHH.

Want more capsule?  See what I packed, Outfit 1, Outfit 2, Outfit 3, Outfit 4, and Outfit 5.

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