Gift Guide for KID

And just in time for cyber Monday, here is your inspiration for the toddlers and preschoolers in your life.

11.30_kids collage


Pretty sure I bought these

Henry’s PJs have gotten small.  Like comically small.  Belly shirts and floods all around.  I’ve heard that sleepwear shouldn’t be too loose, but it is ridiculous.

I actually ordered Henry a few sets myself, but he could probably use even more.  My strategy?  Grab every superhero set Old Navy had to offer.  He is definitely 4T now, possibly even the size above.  (I don’t even want to look in case it doesn’t involve a T.  It BETTER involve a T.)

Mac is pretty set on the sleep front, but I never say no to a matching brothers experience.

I’ve talked to a few friends who said that PJs at Christmas are a tradition.  I like that.  New family tradition?

Bath Toys

Speaking of tradition, I also like the idea of new bath toys each year for Christmas.  Even the cool bath toys get stale and you know I’m definitely not cleaning them as much as I should.  *cough* Only when a kid poops the tub *cough*  They would love something new.  And can it also keep all the water inside the tub at all times kthanksbye.


Henry continues to treat his Lego catalogs as sacred.  I think having a special magazine arrive every month just for him would blow his mind.  (I remember cherishing my ZooBooks as a kid.)  Also a win for me.  More activities to do and things to discuss.  Minimal space commitment.

Here is a list of recommended magazines for kiddos.

Duplo Lego Train Set

Speaking of Legos, you knew they’d be on here somewhere.  I am excited about the impending Lego storm, but I’m not ready to full on commit just yet.  Please let me live in Duplo world for a tiny bit longer.

This train set checks a lot of boxes on things the kids would love.  More Legos?  Check.  More Legos with wheels?  Double check.  Trains?  Check and check.  I’ve actually been thinking about getting them a train set; this looks like a pretty cool option.  Packing will be interesting this year because we are traveling, but Legos stuff easily into places, right?  (RIGHT?)

Lego Base Plates

They want wheels, but they also want to build.  Base plates would be a delightful addition to their Lego situation.  And this is DEFINITELY about them and not about allowing me to continue building towers with questionable base support.

Matchbox Cars

You could buy them their own helicopters.  I think that Matchbox cars would still be more exciting.

I do try to keep things on the minimalist side around here, but this is an area where I’d like to increase.  Right now Henry knows each and every car.  It is too much pressure to keep up with them.  No one can be lost or misplaced.  EVER.  With my luck, Henry would know each and every car even if he had 5000.  #facepalm

Some Kind of Plastic Critters

Shown for example only

I heart dinosaurs.  Like a lot.  I’m definitely on Team Dinosaur.  But even I have to admit that these kind of toys look boring.

I, however, would be wrong.  These toys are excellent for role play situations that Henry is definitely doing more often.  He likes dinos, but any kind of animal, lizard, whatever would probably delight him.


Meet baby.  He is named Baby.  This is the baby that we got Henry to try to prep him for being a big brother.  He didn’t care at all about it until Mac came along, and then he got into it.  Now Baby is his #1 comforter.  (Well, after the pacifier, natch.  We have cut it to sleeping only.  Right now I don’t know if I’m more excited about trying to chuck the chupito or toilet training.  Seriously.  It’s close.)

Henry will share most things with his brother.  But definitely not Baby.  Baby is sacred.

I think Mac would be psyched to have a baby of his own.  And not like this is a sibling announcement.  Just a baby doll.  Ideally the baby would look just like Henry’s but not completely so they would not be confused.  I think.  I don’t fully understand the ways of the toddler.


I’m not great on letting the kids do art.  I really want to be.  I do.  But it is all so messy!!  And I’m not even a neat freak.  I just don’t like to clean things up.

For his birthday though Henry got a watercolor book.  He loves it.  Watercolors seem like a good compromise.  Not as messy as fingerpaints.  Still fun.

And thus concludes our gift guide.  I didn’t list books, but books are always awesome.  I also admit that the list is geared more to the three-year-old than the 18 month old.  Mac is also into balls, music, and having things of his own that his brother can’t take from him.  (Everyone else:  Good luck, kid.)

Do you have any sweet present ideas up your sleeve for your spawn?  Any kid magazines you’d recommend?  I’m just excited that the kids get to celebrate with extended family this year.

Psst, looking for more present inspiration?  Check out the gift guides for him and for her.


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