ICYMI: Ferragosto edition

Here in Rome, we recently passed Ferragosto.  This one day holiday has somehow expanded into most of the month, and the city has shut down.  Day cares are closed.  At least half the stores in my neighborhood are closed.  Romans are getting out of dodge.

We too did some traveling.  And now travel recovering.  I don’t know that I’ll be completely absent this August, but things will probably (continue to) be pretty quiet this month.  I’m aiming to enjoy time with family and friends and do more thinking on long-term projects.

Until then, please amuse yourself with some recent blog offerings you may have missed.

On the blog:

My Aunt (paraphrased):  I liked your post.  So you’re just figuring out what you’re doing, just like the rest of us, huh?  Yup.

My new pan is here.  It is glorious.

Need any thoughts on jumpstarting your back-to-school To Do List?

Henry still cracks us upAnd is ridiculous.  Mac is gettin’ big.

Umm, so we went back to the States, and I still didn’t drive.  Ridiculous, I know.

So my running has fallen off with recent vacations.  This is unfortunate because my half is coming up SOON and you know I can’t skip it after going through this.

We’ve talked clothes for Rome.  Now see shoes.  #teambirkenstocks

On the internets:

The one piece of clothing every billionaire is wearing at summer camp  (Hat tip MDBH)  Hmm, maybe I’m really just seeing lots of billionaires everywhere?  #vestupson #vestlife

Kind of depressing and inspirational all at once.  Time to get off the couch!

I must not helicopter, I must not helicopter . . .

Me:  Do you have Grindr on your phone?  I want to swipe people.
Sister:  You mean Tinder.  And no.  Gross.
Looks like she has a point.  I don’t even know what to do with raising kids in this, especially boys.  Sigh.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  I miss you already!


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