Henry is a hoot: Volume 3

Henry says some pretty hilarious things.  I’ve been told that I used to say hilarious things once, but my parents didn’t write it down and cannot remember even one witty anecdote.  Inspired by YHL’s Clara Conversations, I wanted to share some Henry-isms as I collect a critical mass.


Henry:  (As he wipes out)  Down goes me!  (Apparently, our saying “Down goes Henry” in our “Down goes Frazier” voices has rubbed off.)

Henry:  Get off that swing!
Me:  Why?
Henry:  There is a spider on it.  A spider and bird poop.

Henry:  That’s Biglietto!  (Referring to Roberto who works in our building.  Biglietto = ticket.)

Henry:  I’m not Goliath.  I’m not David.  I’m just me.

Psst.  Want more hilarious Henry?  Check him out here and here

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